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A possible antidote to a scenario that is not much liked and that scares us is to take refuge in an imaginary and parallel universe, a fantastic place where everything is simple and where harmony between humans and nature reigns supreme. It's an expedient to create an illusorily better world, devoid of useless contrasts, where the mind is reassured and the lost trust and energy can be recovered. A context in some ways similar to that of "Alice in Wonderland", where all fantasies, hopes, contradictions and fears are gathered in a dreamlike and fairytale dimension, but not without stimuli and food for thought. But we have to come back from "Wonderland" sooner or later and deal with reality. The good thing is that usually, after a trip or a dream, we feel a bit changed and a little enriched, because we can discover different points of view and we can reveal unknown aspects of ourselves and others.

This is the spirit with which I create my works: paintings of women transformed into modern comic book heroines, objects supersized in bizarre shapes, sculptures with ironic anthropomorphic or zoomorphic references. An imaginary world with which I try to attract the observer in order to transmit joy, curiosity and food for thought, because as Lewis Carrolll wrote in his book, "Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it".

 Elisabetta Farina

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