The skill of pastry chefs has been refined, evolving over time, becoming a real ART.


 In particular, for over a decade the trend of making elaborate cakes and desserts has spread, and can most definitely be compared to the most sophisticated artistic creations. Chocolate and frosting are treated like clay and bronze: cakes become the pedestal on which to elaborate imaginative decorative virtuosities and test the skills of CAKE designers. The fact that these creations are made to be eaten becomes a secondary element, the cakes are transformed into real sculptures of chocolate and sugar, a delight not only for the palate, but also for the eyes.




Fascinated by such artistry, I tried to follow the reverse path and to create objects that, starting from materials such as fabric, plywood, silicone and lights, reproduced the cakes, biscuits and chocolates found on the tables and patisseries from all over the world. So, while cakes are transformed into works of art, the artistic compositions become large, bright and colourful sweets, deliberately exaggerated in size, in the use of lights and in the full supply of materials, until reaching the limits of the superfluous.


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