The aim of the exhibition “BELLO DA MANGIARE BUONO DA GUARDARE (GREAT TO EAT GOOD TO LOOK AT)” is to lead the public in an imaginary place of oversized cupcakes, boxes of chocolates and bright banquets: a journey through cake design, traditions and the joy of being together.


 The “cakes” are prepared using the “ingredients” typical of the Italian style: attention to fashion and design; use of sophisticated techniques for the treatment of the fabrics; use of pearls, lights and other typical material of Italian crafting. This method is a tribute to “Italianness” that is recognized worldwide as example of unique and undisputed “excellence”.




However, speaking about sweets and exaggeration necessarily induces a reflection on the negative consequences of compulsive eating behaviors. In this context, art can have a fundamental role to provide new occasions for reflection: it can be an innovative vehicle to convey information for the promotion of health of individuals and the well being of communities.



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