From May 2 to May 13 the exhibition BELLO DA MANGIARE BUONO DA GUARDARE (BEAUTIFUL TO EAT GOOD TO LOOK AT) was held at Katara Cultural Center of Doha.



Desserts have always been undisputed key players at parties and fun moments, they are associated with positive and auspicious messages: in fact, since ancient times, swapping and consuming sweets together has been a tangible way to express gratitude and affection. However, the extraordinary, universal force of the language of desserts is not only associated with the joy of being together or in the pleasant taste of the ingredients: the art of pastry, through the wise use of colours and shapes, is able to produce visual stimuli that sometimes thrill more than the pleasure experienced by the palate.



The exhibition winds through the ironic reproduction of cakes, biscuits and chocolates typical of various countries: they are a sort of common denominator of "sweet memories" linked to places where the artist has lived (for example New York, Paris, Bruxelles and Doha).

The visitor is transported to an imaginary, colourful, fanciful reality, where the various types of desserts - deliberately altered in form, exaggerated in size and redundant in details - are transformed into food for the eyes.



The first group of objects depicts the parties: laid tables, hearts and trays full of delicacies and lights are all the allegorical representation of special occasions when families and friends gather to share joyful times. These are surrounded by American mega cupcake formed by many small cupcakes, as many as the calories contained in them; typical Italian Sunday lunch little pastries; sophisticated boxes of chocolates by Belgian maîtres chocolatiers; refined compositions of Arabic desserts; and the elegant colours of the French cakes.


As such, the exhibition offers objects that are transformed into sweets, delights for the eyes and not for the mouth, capable by their unchanging presence of preserving over time the deep meanings of special moments when the desserts were offered, thus becoming "sweet memories forever".


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