The artistic production can be grouped into two major areas, paintings and objects. The former are the central theme of the entire activity, while the latter represent the most recent form of expression.

The paintings are generally large canvases painted with acrylic colours, depicting female faces. The purpose is to use the images proposed by the media and by the fashion world in order to give voice to contemporary women, turning them into modern comic book heroines. Sometimes, to increase the material and three-dimensional effect, materials such as wood, plexiglass, nails, lights, glass or sand are added to the canvas.

The objects mainly derive from the reworking and reinvention of materials that are used on a daily basis in an ironic way. The goal is to change the reference context and offer the observer an alternative point of view on issues such as health, consumption, food and recycling.

The merchandising on the other hand, includes materials used by public and private companies for awareness and distribution campaigns. Below are images of some of the promotional items made.