"Elisabetta Farina transforms the cold and rarefied world of women’s fashion into comics. Icy beauties present in contemporary terms the legacy of famous British female comic strip characters, Normann Pert’s Jane, drawn by Michael Hubbard, and Jenny Butterworth and Pat Tourret’s Tiffany Jones. They wear designer clothes and the most fashionable accessories: stiletto heels, designer handbags, and trendy jewels. Gold, metal decorations and rhinestones are replaced by bright and colorful LEDs. Concerned only with their appearance and proud of their frozen and freezing beauty, the female heroes of the electrified paintings of Elisabetta Farina are transforming women. They are special creatures whose most longed for desire seems to be their transformation into a never switched off advertising sign. Elisabetta’s mannequins seem to say “I sing the body electric”, willingly and happily unaware of the many who before them have celebrated the electric body, from Walt Whitman, to Ray Bradbury to the Weather Report".

 (Roberto Roda)

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